We are a values-driven business.  We aim to work with like-minded people who share our values of honesty, transparency and integrity.

We look to foster a supportive culture and believe that helping people achieve what’s important to them is our key aim.

At present, Energize is engaged in a number of transactions in the engineering sector however on a broader bases, we look for the following characteristics:

What we look for

We look at established businesses, with demonstrated track record.  We don’t mind if things have been up and down along the way, as long as it’s going in the right direction.

We typically look for situations where the owner is looking to retire.  We’ll need you to stick around for a little bit, just so things transition smoothly, however, we want to secure your legacy.

We like to see a strong second tier management team.  Our experience shows that continuity of management gives the best outcome.  We prefer to avoid having to make wholesale changes.

We look for businesses with Net Profits generally above £0.4m.  That’s not an absolute, but a rough guide.

How things work

We only consider change of control transactions. We won’t take a minority stake.

Transactions almost always include an element of deferred consideration.  This helps everyone manage the risks involved and aids alignment of interests

We want you to retain an ongoing interest in the business, and be present as the company expands.  We want you to see it prosper.

We use some debt, but really as little as possible.

What we like

We’ve got experience in industrials, packaging, real estate and engineering, but we will try and work with most people.

We do however try and avoid areas like gaming, tobacco, adult and weapons.